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I- Why you need MODAN?

China is a country with a very complex legislation, administration and bureaucracy that is extremely difficult to understand to those who want to enter the market for the first time and the companies that are already established in the country. The amount of confusing information published on China, its size and fragmentation of the market also make it difficult to identify the most appropriate locations to develop a business and build a network of reliable and secure contacts. Moreover, the language barrier becomes an obstacle capable of causing likewise significant wear for your company. Chinese business culture, with all its peculiarities, also represents an extra challenge for all companies that aspire to establish a relationship of long term business in the country.

II – The benefits of working with us:

  1. Our knowledge and experience concerning the business environment, language, law, bureaucratic mechanisms, geography and development of different industries and sectors in China will help you to save time, money and energy when planning to enter the Chinese market or to seek new avenues of growth and development if ypu already inside the China.
  2. In addition to guidance, based on both accurate information and case studies, provide support to networks of groups of companies working in the field required, so that it can be integrated quickly and grow steadily in the Chinese market.

III – Services

  • Study of corporate marketing: from the outset, will feature professional guidance tailored to the needs and objectives of your company, which will help in charting their business prospects in China.
  • Registration of trademark and patents: if you have decided to venture into the Chinese market, it is highly advisable to register your trademark to avoid plagiarism of it. We will help you complete the process.
  • Advice and / or enforcement in the creation of companies through the following legal forms:
    1. Ltd.
    2. Joint Venture
    3. Representative office
  • Information and / or management of visa for business personnel working in China the most secure and rush-free manner.
  • Location of potential customers: provide professional guidance on those potential customers who start their first business relationships and assist you during the first steps.
  • Advice on protocol and labor and business culture in China.

IV – Market Segmentation

Our services are aimed at foreign companies wanting to enter China for the first time and to those who are already in China, but would like to improve the performance of your business.